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About Bryony

Bryony moved to Fürstenfeldbruck from London in 2020, and started her Yoga journey in 2019 due to her mental health, undertaking Yoga Therapy as a means to improve her mental and physical well-being.


Due to the profound impact Yoga had, and continues to have, on Bryony's life, she decided to study the practice, completing her Yoga Teacher Training. Bryony now shares the benefits and her love of Yoga with those around her, worldwide.


"Coming from an ‘inflexible’ background, I appreciate the way Yoga allows me to honour and celebrate my body for what it is and not what is expected of it. I teach Dynamic Hatha and Vinyasa flows which are strong yet soft, with an emphasis on the importance of moving with breath and intention. I always encourage my students to find a personal practice in each class and to move in a way that feels good, rather than looks good."

Bryony's Qualifications:

  • Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training

  • Ayurveda Certification

  • Cacao Ceremony Facilitator


In Progress:

  • 300hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

  • 30hr Women's Holistic Health Teacher Training

Bryony's Approach

The Connection of the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Yoga encompasses the well-being of our mind, body, and spirit. Therefore, yoga can provide incredible benefits to our well-being. 

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Bryony believes in practicing the Mind-Body-Spirit connection. In Bryony's classes, you can strengthen this connection through movement (asana practice), meditation, breathing techniques (pranayama) and yogic philosophy. 

"Yoga may start out as a physical practice, but if we’re dedicated to the practice, it can become a way of life. The benefits of yoga creates a shift in perspective that can be extremely powerful- it reminds us that we possess all the tools we need to build the best version of ourselves."
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